Expert webinar: Novel findings on the gut microbiome, nutrition and health

January 12, 2021

Ever wondered about the links between the food you eat, the microbes in your gut and your health?

A central part of ZOE’s research—conducted in collaboration with leading scientists from around the world—has been the investigation of the gut microbiome and its links with diet and health.

The latest research from our landmark PREDICT study—published in Nature Medicine—is the first to reveal strong links between specific gut microbes, diet, and health.

For the very first time, we have studied a large and detailed enough sample to begin to understand the microbes that impact many of the health conditions we are faced with today: obesity, cardiovascular disease, visceral fat, insulin resistance, and weight gain.

We were joined by world-leading scientists Prof. Tim Spector, Dr. Sarah Berry, and Prof. Nicola Segata to talk through these exciting findings and what they mean for you.

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