Tired of yo-yo dieting? Discover how the ZOE plan helped Susan get her 'FINALLY'!

June 24, 2020

Hi! I'm Susan. I'm a wife and a mom, and I've struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember.

I've tried every program and diet out there, but that always led to that famous yo-yo effect where I found myself at a higher weight than when I started. Is there anything more discouraging?

Before ZOE my relationship with food was inconsistent. Sometimes I’d put in a lot of effort into eating healthy, and sometimes I wouldn't. I have lost weight in the past but have never been able to keep it off.

'Eating right’ has always just felt too restrictive, too complicated, too overwhelming, and too inconvenient. I was definitely on the downward spiral of deciding not to care anymore. I was just plain tired of trying.

Why the ZOE plan? ‍

ZOE sounded like they were looking for answers to the same questions I’ve struggled with throughout my life, like:

“Why can my husband eat whatever he wants but never gain weight?”

“Is this just about a lack of willpower, or is something else going on?”

“Why have all my diets always failed?”

The ZOE difference

ZOE’s plan has helped me change the way I think about nutrition and the way my body uses food, rather than focusing on weight loss goals alone.

Other plans promise quick fixes, rapid weight loss, and go so far as to promote themselves as the last diet you will ever need. ZOE's claims were very different. Instead, I was presented with facts like, “When you eat this food, this is how your body handles it.”

When I started ZOE’s action plan, it was remarkably easy! There’s no counting calories or grams of anything. No guilt trips - just encouragement.

Changing things up

The ZOE program has given me the tools I needed to finally stop letting food control me! I am learning to tune into my body and find myself thinking, “What do I want? How much do I want it? How can I make it work for me?”.

I've already lost about 21 pounds! I can feel satisfied eating just 2 cookies instead of the whole tray. That actually makes me feel the way I always imagined a "normal" person must feel!

I think the ZOE plan will last a lifetime because when I get to my ideal weight, I don't think I'll feel like I've deprived myself to get there. My goal is not a number on a scale anymore! I plan on fuelling my body in the right way, and the ZOE plan really supports that.

My ‘aha!’ moment‍

Realizing that many of the foods that I’ve always been told are healthy were actually causing blood sugar spikes and crashes was a huge 'aha!' moment for me. Whole-wheat pasta and brown rice are not the best choices for my body; ZOE taught me how to swap them out for alternatives like lentil pasta and bulgur, so I don’t need to give up carbs entirely!

My ZOE plan taught me how to make my food work for me, finally! That makes all the difference!

The ZOE plan has given me confidence in eating and flexibility to change things up and still stay on track, no matter what life throws at me. I also feel empowered to choose the right foods for my body.

The ZOE experience in one word

Satisfying. I feel satisfied physically, but I am finding that I feel very satisfied mentally and emotionally too. Another word I might use to sum it all up is “FINALLY!”

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