If you always thought your body was different, you’re right.

Our science shows that everybody’s response to food is unique. Even identical twins. Your metabolism is not fully defined by your genes.

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Generic nutrition advice isn’t working.

Diabetes, heart disease and other chronic health problems are not improving. Current approaches to address them view weight gain as the problem, rather than a symptom of poor metabolic health. They also treat us all the same, when in reality our bodies are all very different.

Our Research


Your body is unique, so is the food you need.

Our PREDICT studies have shown that there is up to a tenfold variation in responses to the same meal for different people.

PREDICT is the largest in-depth nutrition study in the world, conducted with scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital, Stanford Medicine, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and King’s College London.

Our novel findings were published in leading medical journal, Nature Medicine, in June 2020.

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Our findings
Holistic health impact


We take a holistic approach to understand how your body works.

We use the most advanced tests and cutting-edge science available to help you understand how your body works so you can reduce dietary inflammation and improve your gut health naturally.

Based on the tests used in PREDICT, our at-home test kit can provide comprehensive insights into your biology, covering the gut microbiome and your blood sugar and blood fat responses.

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Holistic health impact


Unhealthy effects can be caused by what we eat.

Excessive blood sugar and fat spikes can overwhelm your body’s normal, natural responses. This can trigger a variety of harmful responses, from blood sugar crashes and hunger to the immune system triggering inflammation.

Many different mechanisms are involved, from increased calorie consumption as a result of regular blood sugar crashes, to oxidative stress and altered blood fat metabolism.

Repeated often enough these can lead to weight gain and chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.

Our research
Gut health


Your gut microbes play a key role in your health.

Each of us has a unique gut microbiome. Our research is the first to identify a distinct set of 'good' and 'bad' gut microbes that are linked with specific foods and metabolic health.

Our unique microbiome test uses deep metagenomic sequencing to understand which 'good' and 'bad' microbes you have. This allows us to provide personalized recommendations that can potentially help increase the 'good' microbes that are under-represented in your gut.

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Gut health


Ever wondered how a specific food or meal impacts your body?

We combine artificial intelligence with data from thousands of participants in our studies to generate personalized scores for any food or meal you eat. These scores are delivered in real-time through our app, which has hundreds of thousands of foods and thousands of meal suggestions for you to choose from.

Food scores
Food scores
Food scores

Insights that support success

We’ll show you how to put your unique scores into action. Our companion app will give you real-time feedback on meals that you eat, with insights including how to support your metabolic health and nourish your gut.

With ZOE, you’ll learn how to eat for your body, for life.



At the frontier of science.

Our research combines the latest technologies, artificial intelligence, and collaboration with world-leading scientists, to move beyond a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to nutrition. Our PREDICT studies are the largest nutrition studies of their kind in the world and we’re proud to conduct them in collaboration with researchers and scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital, Stanford Medicine, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and King’s College London.

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