Refer a Friend Terms

These are the terms on which we offer you a reward for successfully referring a friend to the ZOE nutrition programme. This scheme lasts for three months from the date on which you received an offer to participate in the scheme. After three months are over, you will earn no more rewards from referring a friend, but existing rewards will continue for up to an additional six months (see below).

How to obtain a reward

You will receive one referrer reward each time a friend subscribes for the first time using the invitation link you shared with them.

  • You must be an existing ZOE customer to earn a reward. If your membership has lapsed by the time a friend subscribes, you will not earn a reward.

  • The friend must not have used the ZOE nutrition programme before.

  • Rewards are cumulative, but you may not earn more than ten rewards a month or 50 within a 12 month period.

  • You will be notified by email each time you earn a reward.

  • Subscription by a friend is essential: If your friend does not meet whatever eligibility criteria we have set from time to time for joining the ZOE nutrition programme, or we exercise our discretion to refuse their subscription, then you will earn no reward.

How the reward works

The next time your ZOE membership renews we will give you one month’s free membership as a discount for each reward you have earned by that time.

If at the time your membership renews, you have earned more rewards than needed to give you a complete discount at that renewal, any additional rewards will carry over to the next membership renewal, although they may lapse (see “limits on the scheme”) before the next renewal takes place.

Limits on the scheme

  • Rewards are valid for six months from the date they are earned.

  • You may not combine a referral reward with any other discount code.