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Your ZOE program combines an at-home test and members-only access to personalized coaching & insights.
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14 day guarantee

"We are so confident that you’ll love using ZOE that if you don’t, we’ll give you your money back."

Prof. Tim Spector, Co-Founder

Prof. Tim Spector, Co-Founder


ZOE Test & Report

Get a comprehensive at-home gut & metabolic health test

Test for 2 days or extend for up to 2 weeks.

Gut health test
Gut health test

A simple, hygienic collection kit to send a poop sample to our lab for full microbiome analysis.

Our gut tests go deeper than most, analyzing the complete composition of your microbiome. We then use our research to assess your gut health, which is closely linked with your overall health, and highlight specific microbes linked to a “good” or “bad” influence on how your body responds to food.

Mobile app
Real-time blood sugar sensor

Opt-in to our scientific study to get real-time insights powered by a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM).

To get a free blood sugar sensor with your test kit you must consent to our clinical study. The cost of the program does not include any study-related costs (including the blood sugar sensor) as ZOE covers these.

For eligibility criteria, see our FAQs.
Blood fat test
Blood fat test

Using the same proprietary tests used in our research, learn how your body responds to fat.

Standardized test meals

Our scientific cookies test how your body responds to food to provide insights into your unique metabolism.

Personalized insights report
Personalized insights report

Get detailed feedback on how your body responds to food based on your test results.

6 weeks after completing your tests, you’ll get detailed metabolic insights — revealing how your body responds to food and scores for meals you ate during the test period.

  • Personalized blood sugar and blood fat scores that tell you how well your body handles the simple carbs and fats in your food.
  • Personalized 0-100 scores for the meals you ate during your testing period (once you start your membership, you’ll get real time scores for any meal in the app).
  • The science behind your food scores — comparing them with the averages for your age and sex — and an introduction to putting your report to work for your health.
Gut health report
Gut health report

Get personalized insights into which “good” and “bad” microbes you have, and how to help the good ones thrive.

ZOE’s gut health report will give you an in-depth understanding of the microbes that live inside your gut.

Personalized report features:
  • Your Microbiome Health Score™ showing where your gut health stands: your microbiome has powerful links with your overall health.
  • A breakdown of every bacteria living in your gut, including 15 “good” and 15 “bad” bacteria linked to metabolic health.


ZOE membership

Personalized support to reach your goals

Get week-by-week support to retrain your body by eating according to your biology.

Personalised program
Personalized program

Improve gut and metabolic health with a step-by-step app guided program.

Ditch calorie counting for good with a personalized program based on your unique biology. Built around your personalized food scores, you’ll improve your diet week by week and learn how to eat for real life, without restriction.

  • Advice to improve your diet week by week using your personalized insights and food scores.
  • Learn how to better sequence meals to feel less hungry and maximize your metabolism and gut health
  • Guided daily reflections to help you tune into your own biology and learn how to make your insights work for you.
  • Helpful articles each week from ZOE nutrition experts to empower you with the knowledge to make these changes last.
Coach support via app
Unlimited coach support

Speak with our nutrition coaching and support teams via in-app live chat.

Our team is here to support you throughout your ZOE experience. You'll have access to their expertise and assistance directly through our in-app chat.

Real time scores via app
Scores for every meal

Get real-time feedback on thousands of foods, based on your specific biology.

Get access to our companion app. You’ll receive personalized ZOE scores for thousands of foods and meal suggestions to improve your gut and metabolic health.

  • Discover thousands of foods and meal recommendations that improve your gut health, metabolic health, and control hunger.
  • Search or barcode scan any food for instant insights on how it impacts your metabolism and gut health, on its own or in a meal.
  • Learn how combining different foods significantly changes how they affect your body, and keep eating what you love.

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