What's included?

ZOE comes in two parts: test kit and membership

Part 1

At-home test kit

These tests will give us an overview of your unique biology, so we can guide you to healthier eating through our membership.

  • Gut health test

    This simple, hygienic kit collects your poop sample at home so you can send it to our lab for analysis.

  • Blood sugar sensor

    Take part in our scientific study to get real-time insights from a continuous glucose monitor.

  • Blood fat test

    With this simple finger-prick kit, you can send a small blood sample to our labs for blood fat analysis.

Part 2


With the app we'll help you eat healthier according to your biology, so you can build habits that will last you a lifetime.

  • Your ZOE Scores

    We combine our science and technology with your results to calculate your very own ZOE Scores for foods and meals.

  • Your ZOE tools

    You can build meals, discover new recipes, track progress, and learn how to combine, swap, and add foods to your plate.

  • Expert ZOE nutritionists

    Get exclusive lessons and content created by world-leading scientists. And you can speak to our nutrition experts in the app.

We'll send you a reminder 3 days before your trial ends.

What's included for free in your first 14 days?

Get a glimpse of how ZOE can improve your health, starting with your blood sugar response

Wear a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)

Wear a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)

Measure your blood sugar to uncover how your body handles carbohydrate-rich foods.

Discover your sugar response

Discover your sugar response

Get food scores based on your CGM test and learn how to avoid sugar spikes during your day.

Learn from our nutrition experts

Learn from our nutrition experts

Explore content about nutrition created by our world-leading scientists.

What happens after your first 14 days?

Get your full insight report

Get your full insight report

Learn about the bacteria in your gut, get a list of “gut boosters,” and discover your blood sugar and blood fat responses to food.

Get personalised food scores

Get personalised food scores

Using your test results, we score your food from 0-100, so you can make better choices of what to eat.

Get full access to ZOE experts

Get full access to ZOE experts

Speak to our qualified nutritionists through the in-app chat to feel confident about your food choices.

Boost your health

Boost your health

Feel more energised and improve your long-term health while eating more of the foods you love.

How it works

The test kit uncovers your unique biology and the membership helps us guide you towards better long-term habits.

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