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Part 1

At-home test kit

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These tests will give us an overview of your unique biology, so we can guide you to healthier eating through our membership.

  • Gut health test
  • Blood sugar sensor
  • Blood fat test
  • Purchase tests separately


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14 Day Money Back Guarantee
14 Day Money Back Guarantee

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6 installments of £49.99 each

Interest free
Interest free

Part 2


Billed when your test results arrive

With the app we'll help you eat healthier according to your biology, so you can build habits that will last you a lifetime.

Commit for a year for best results

12 months

£24.99/mo. Renews yearly until cancelled.

Save 58%
Save 58%
Get a taster of ZOE

4 months

£39.99/mo. Renews every four months until cancelled.

Save 42%
Save 42%

1 month

£59.99/mo. Renews every month until cancelled.

Your test kit will arrive in . We’ll charge you for it today. We’ll bill you for the membership when your test results arrive.